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The Mac’s menu bar can be a fantastic tool if you have the right apps for it. Here are some terrific menu bar apps to get you started. The menu bar in macOS can often be overlooked by some users. The menu bar is a great place to access a calendar or scheduled appointments, but for some odd reason Apple has never made iCal accessible in the menu bar. Well, thanks to Alarms App, you can now add quick alarms and appointments without having to haul out iCal and go through several clicks to add one simple appointment. As you install more and more software on your Mac, your menu bar might start to get cluttered with extraneous icons. This not only looks messy, but it can make it a bit of a chore to access. Each app has a Help menu to make it easy to get information about using an app. See Use the built-in help. Each menu contains commands, many of which are available in most apps. For example, the Open command is often in the File menu. For information about the symbols in the menu commands, see What are those symbols shown in menus?

I recently switched from Windows to a Mac and one of the first things I noticed was the lack of calendar in the menu bar. While there are plenty of full-fledged Calendar apps for Mac, I wanted a simple and easy app that sits on the Menu bar. Let’s check those out.

A calendar is an important utility app that every OS should have and macOS does have a pretty good Calendar app that syncs with your iCloud account. However, you can’t actually see the calendar in the menu ba and there is no widget to go with it as well. The apps listed below are built to offer that functionality in mind and have a few other options to enhance the user experience.

Apps for menu bar on mac catalina

Best Calendars Apps

1. iCultus

Let’s start with a simple Calendar app, iCultus is the Calendar that should have been available by default. It sits on the Menu bar at the top and shows you a calendar for the current month when you click the icon.

To be honest that’s all I need for a widget to do and maybe move forward and backward in months to plan any upcoming holidays. While it doesn’t show any events lined up on your iCloud calendar, it gives you a button to launch the Calendar app so that you can take action in the real app. It is also open-source and free if you care about that kind of stuff.

Get iCultus (free)

2. Quick View Calendar

This next app does exactly what iCultus did, so why would you choose this app over the previous one? One word; aesthetics, if you care about consistency and want a Calendar app that matches the overall theme and layout of the OS then this app is perfect.

It has that translucent interface with a dark gray and white color scheme that matches well with the Dark theme on macOS. The icon sits on the Menu bar for quick access and has arrow keys to look up upcoming and past months.

Get Quick View Calendar (free)

3. ItsyCal

Okay, we’ve got the basics covered so let’s talk about some actual features. ItsyCal is built for easy access but also offers some functionality that you would want from a Calendar app. You can customize the app to your preferences, for example, you can set the theme to match the system, highlight a day of the week, get upcoming events notification in the widget itself, and the ability to create events and appointments.

The app can also automatically launch itself at the restart, unlike the above two apps which mean I don’t have to restart the app every time the Mac reboots.

The app syncs everything to the iCloud so whatever you have planned would show up on the widget. I like ItsyCal because of two features; pinning the widget to keep it on the top, and real-time Date and Month on the Menu bar icon. Also, it’s free.


Get ItsyCal (free)

4. Quick Calendar

We’ve got enough apps covered that sit on the Menu bar so let’s include one that sits in the Notification area. We all check out the notifications area anyway so it would be a good idea to put a small calendar there. Quick Calendar needs to be added manually by going to the edit menu on the bottom of the notifications panel. After you enable it, it will stay in the notifications panel.

Feature-wise, it is as basic as it gets, it only shows the current month and arrow keys to look upcoming and past months. However, if you want to have a quick glance at the Calendar while checking out Notifications, then Quick Calendar is the one.

Get Quick Calendar (free)

5. Next Meeting

Next Meeting is a little widget that shows you upcoming events on the Menu Bar. Let’s say you plan out your week in advance and have meetings at different hours, this app would take that info from the iCloud and slap it on the Menu bar so that you can miss it ever. If you click the icon, it shows you upcoming events in the coming days. You can customize which meetings to display and choose between in-progress, today’s meetings, and all-day meetings.

Get Next Meeting (free)

6. Calendars

Apps For Menu Bar On Mac

Calendars is not like other apps in the list, instead of giving you a simple Calendar Widget on the Menu bar, it gives you full-fledged Calendar with lots of features. For starters, you can set a different picture for every month, just like a real calendar, if that’s not your jam, you can make it subtle and translucent to match the theme of your System.

It syncs with your iCloud, Facebook, and Google Calendar to keep you updated. If that wasn’t enough, you can also enable weather options in this app and you would get a real-time day-wise forecast, right below each day.

Calendars is a free app on the App Store but you can upgrade either with the Subscription($0.99/mo) or one-time license fee ($19.99).

Get Calendars (free)

7. InstaCal

While Calendars app is great for remembering birthdays from Facebook and getting reminders from Google, InstaCal is meant for professionals who use Office 365, Google Calendar, and Outlook. You can integrate, view and respond to invitations right from the Menubar pop up. Along with the menu bar, InstaCal also has a Dock app which lets you use the app to its full potential.

Apart from events, you can also view your reminders within the app and create new ones. The themes can be customized and the app has Touchbar support as well. With all these features combined, you only have to $5 to own this app which in my opinion is pretty good.

Get InstaCal ($4.99)

Best Easy Calendar Apps for Mac

Well, these were my picks for best easy calendar apps for mac when you want more than what native Calendar app offers. Itsycal, Quick View Calendar, iCultus, are great choices when you just want a quick way to look at the Calendar. Next Meeting serves its own niche where it reminds you of upcoming events, and Calendars let you integrate Facebook and Google Calendar. Instacal is best for people who want a professional Calendar app with integrations for Outlook, Office 365, etc. Which app would you use, let me know in the comments?

The key purpose of menu bar organizers is to arrange the workflow of users. They really help finish some tasks faster and are regarded to be tremendously useful tools. We’re going to share with you five of the best macOS menu bar apps.

In order to make our recommendations, we analyzed the menu bar app market, read a number of customer testimonials, and tested the apps on our own. All of this resulted in the post below that outlines the best menu bar organizing applications for Mac.

1. Bartender for Mac

This tool is a prudent solution for those who search for a top-quality menu bar organizer for the Mac. Its key purpose is to help users organize all menu bar apps. As a result, you will have an opportunity to either hide or rearrange some apps in the way you like.

The latest version of this software product supports macOS High Sierra, Sierra, and full support for macOS Mojave will be available once it is released in the fall.

The app sports an awful lot of useful features which will make the life of every user easier. The Bartender app allows you to keep the most frequently used apps in one place with multiple configuration options for which apps to show in the menu bar and which apps to hide. The option of keyboard navigating is also available. You can even decide in what order the apps will be displayed.

If your overarching goal is to find a simple, clear and concise organizer, this app is what you really need!

2. Amphetamine

The app has a strange name, but it’s just another tool which is able to enhance your productivity. Amphetamine offers users more control over sleeping habits of their computer. It helps users override their energy saver settings. The app has a number of activation time presets and keeps the display of your computer awake. You can either activate it automatically or use specific hotkeys.

Bottom line: it’s a nice little app that lives in your menu bar and keeps your laptop awake.

3. Dropzone

If you have not the foggiest idea how to keep all those screenshots and other files off the desktop of your Mac, this app should be a number-one tool for you. Besides, it is regarded to be an innovator when it comes to drag-and-drop on macOS. When you install the software, you will see an icon on the screen of your device. After that, you can drag different apps or folders onto the icon. Dropzone lets you easily send files faster to others as well as makes it easier for you to access your important files while on-the-go.

Apps For Menu Bar On Mac Os

4. iStat Menus 6

This app offers a variety of useful features which will simplify your work with different applications. iStat Menus 6 is a high-quality Mac system monitor. All notifications regarding the state of your device are gathered in one place. As a result, users will get faster access to the information about the current weather forecast, network or battery state, and other important events. The feature of fast keyboard access is also available. The latest version of the software product supports 36 languages and has a bunch of theme options. Except for these basic features, there are many other enhancements as well.

5. Magnet for Mac

Apple Menu Bar Not Showing

This tool will help you keep all windows on the screen of your Mac in order. Otherwise stated, the app will organize all windows into tiles. If your everyday work is related to dealing with a variety of different programs, you need to align them neatly side by side. This particular tool will help you do this! Magnet supports up to 6 external displays allowing users to choose the combination which is more convenient for them. This simple window manager will help you boost productivity! Plus, it’s a bargain at $0.99.

When it comes to choosing a reliable menu bar organizer, you need to be very attentive and will likely have to try several apps before you decide which one you like most of all. Luckily, some apps have free trial versions. As always, we recommend that you read the feedback from customers who already have the experience of using the app as they can offer additional insights into possible quirks.


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