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AVerMedia EZMaker 7, Standard Definition USB Video Capture Card, Analog to Digital Recorder, RCA Composite, VHS to DVD, S-Video, Cyberlink Media Suite Included, Win 10 / MAC (C039), Black 3.4 out of 5 stars 419. Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One TV Tuners and Video Capture 1578,Black. The following is the important information of AverMedia AVerVision 300i installation driver. Click on Download Now and a File Download box will appear. Select Save This Program to Disk and a Save As box will appear. Select a directory to save the driver in and click Save. Locate the driver file using Windows Explorer when the download has. AVerMedia EZMaker 7, Standard Definition USB Video Capture Card, Analog to Digital Recorder, RCA Composite, VHS to DVD, S-Video, Cyberlink Media Suite Included, Win 10 / MAC.

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    To Anyone Having Stuttering Issues On AVerMedia LGP Lite

    So I Would Get Horrible Choppiness On My Streams And Recordings, Wasn't My PC As It Could Handle The Card Before The Problems. The Fix Is Simple, Go Into AVerMedia Stream Engine As Well As The Built In Recorder For AVerMedia And Change The Bitrate Down From 60mbps Down To About 15-20mbps. Worked...
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    Avermedia C875 OBS Mac

    Hi,I have an Avermedia C875 that my Macbook Pro (High Sierra 10.13.6) recognizes in the application RecCentral.BUT OBS does not recognize the Avermedia. I mean when I want to had a video source, OBS only recognizes my webcam, but not the video coming from my Switch or any console.Please help!
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    Audio stuttering AverMedia Stream Engine

    I just bought AVerMedia’s LGP Lite capture card, and when I was testing it I realised that, when I set the quality in AVerMedia’s Stream Engine to 720p or 768p, the audio stutters, both for recording and for streaming. When I listen to the captured audio it sounds just fine, that’s why I...
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    MacBook / Avermedia / Xbox Help

    I’m helping my friend set up her stream to stream Call of Duty. I haven’t streamed on a Mac in over 5 years so I’m having a hard time figuring out a few problems.using the external Avermedia live capture and everything is connecting properly, even audio but the game in OBS and ReCentral are so...
  5. Bug ReportDebian, OBS v25, AVerMedia & v4l2

    Greetings everyone,When running OBS v25, whenever I try to change the properties of the V4L2 source for my AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2, OBS starts lagging a lot and becomes unresponsive. I can click on the Cancel button but there a chance OBS will then segfault. When running OBS from the...
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    Question / HelpResolution issue

    Hey, so I've been using the GC553 for ages now with OBS to capture my xbox one x gameplay and had no issues. I recently bought a new 4k LG monitor and am having a few resolution issues.If I capture in the recommended res of 1920 x 1080, the image in obs is fine when playing games that use hdr...
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    Question / HelpAvermedia lgp lite gl310 not showing anything on OBS

    Hi.I bought an Avermedia lgp lite gl310 and I am using OBS Studio V 24.0.3 (64 bit) on Windows 10.I have tried the 32 bit version of OBS as well. Same result.The capture card works with the Avermedia software, and in OBS I do see it in the list ofvideo capture devices, but the feed is...
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    Question / HelpUsing Astro a40 Mixamp with Avermedia LGP2+

    So, I just purchased an Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus, and it will be arriving on Friday. I am looking to stream from and Xbox One X through my Capture Card to my Laptop, and I have the details on how I will hook up the video, but I am concerned on how I will hook up the audio correctly...
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    Question / HelpNo Game Audio on Stream when Switching from 240p to 480i

    Hi, I have been having a issue when Streaming recently, i dont recall having this issue in the past but my last stream was a hassle, my chat informed me during my stream that i had no Game audio and when i looked at OBS it seemed to be running the audio fine thru my Capture card, i had to close...
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    Question / HelpAvermedia LGP2 Providing Odd Video Quality

    Hey all,I finally have got everything I wanted to get for my computer to run all my tasks both video editing and gaming. I have now encountered a big problem for myself which is the main reason I invested in building a computer was being able to use my Avermedia Live Gamer Plus 2 (GC513). I'm...
  11. Bug ReportAVerMedia LGP Lite Stream Engine causes crackling audio in 64-bit OBS.

    AVerMedia claims no issue on their end, and I'm inclined to believe them since there is no issue whatsoever when using the same source on Xsplit, RECentral, VLC, or any other DirectShow-compatible application I could find. This can all be worked around by using WaveOut or DirectSound...
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  12. Question / HelpOutput audio stutters when using Video Capture Device in OBS 64-bit.

    Hi, I recently got an AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable device, and I am having issues using it with OBS. (Works fine in RECentral, Xsplit, all other DirectShow-compatible software).Whenever I have the Video Capture Device source active, using either AVerMedia's Stream Engine or just the capture...
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    Question / HelpAvermedia / Elgato on Mac with Mojave 10.14.4

    I would like to ask you something. I am using imac 2019 with Mojave. On all forums I found that avermedia doesnt support mojave 10.14 - avermedia support only high sierra 10.13 but on youtube there is guy who is using it on 10.14 https://youtu.be/Y6h9kPRWjxE?t=329I am thinking what should I...
  14. Bug ReportNot Good! - AVerMedia We Have A Problem! (PCI-E Capture Card Issues!)

    So I am having a issue with my AVerMedia 4K Capture Card (GC573)First! Lets start with my Computer Specs. Computer Specs:Processor - AMD Ryzen TR 1950X OC(3.8GHz AllCore) Also Tried 4GHz To No Avail.Motherboard - PRIME X399-AGraphics Card - Nvidia GTX 770 4GB OC Drives - SanDisk Extreme...
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    Question / HelpAvermedia Live Ultra Gamer freezing image in OBS Studio (suddenly for no apparent cause)

    Hello forum friends.For more than 2 weeks, I have been having a problem between the AVERMEDIA LIVE ULTRA GAMER (GC553) card with OBS Studio.During gameplay, the capture card completely freezes the image. On television, with the console connected, shows no problem, image appears normally.But...
  16. S

    Question / HelpAverMedia Capture with OBS recording party chat in Xbox

    Hello,Can anyone assist me on setup and configuration of recording a party chat on the Xbox One?Basically, Xbox is hooked into the AverMedia card and the AverMedia card is connected to my computer and we have the audio card in the computer connected to a headset. It works to record just him...
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    Question / Helpavermedia live gamer extreme 2 misbehaving. need assistance :(

    Pc specs:OBS ver 23.1.032GB RamAsus X99-A II Motherboardi7-6850K 3.60ghzIntel 600p 256GB SSDGTX 1080Win10 64-bitOBS ver 23.1.0I havent streamed using consoles in a while but wanted to start streaming some things on xbox / switch / ps4 laterly. However, For some reason the...
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    Question / Help[Avermedia] Weird audio echo from device - how to fix? :(

    Hello everyone - for some reason I have this really weird audio echo from my Avermedia LGP lite. I have it set up so it goes from PS4 > Avermedia, TV > Avermedia, Avermedia > laptop, all with HDMI obviously. I have tried messing with some audio settings in OBS but it doesn't stop it. When I...
  19. Question / HelpDual PC Pixelated with 9900k and Gigabit Internet

    I just recently built a new encoding PC. 9900k, Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra Motherboard, 64 gigs of 2666 ram, GTX 1070, and an Avermedia Live Gamer 4k Capture card. I was using an 8700k, 32 gigs of 3333 ram,GTX 1080ti, Elgato HD60 Capture card, which is now my gaming PC minus the capture card...
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    Question / HelpQuestion about using AVerMedia Live Gamer Ultra (GC553) capture card in streaming PC setup

    I've decided that in order to alleviate all the headaches I have with NDI (I wish I could get it to reliably work well), I'm just going to go the capture card route. At the moment, I'm using a Elgato HD60 Pro that I was using for console captures. I simply connect a HDMI cable from my Gaming...
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