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Download Exfat For Mac

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The whole purpose of exFAT was to allow easy transfer of large files between platforms in a format that didn't require third party drivers on either the Mac or Windows to read the drive. To make sense of why MS would cut off the use of exFAT for internal hard drives, it has to be understood that exFAT still doesn't have a final specification. The name of exFAT gives a hint for its precursors: FAT file system. ExFAT is a newer version of the FAT32 file system, and you can think it this way: it is a middle ground between FAT32 and NTFS file system (New Technology File System). The Pros of exFAT.

if you are installing Windows you will need a dedicated partition for it, you can't install on top of OS X. The windows installer will provide the correct format during installation.

Download Exfat For Mac Windows 7

FAT is for DOS, or sharing files between mac and windows and any other OS that can read it. FAT format does not keep permissions and ownerships. It's very outdated for OS's, it's great for flash drives and data drives when you share files, otherwise if you don't need to share you probably don't need FAT. FAT also has file more severe file size restrictions.

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“I have formatted my external hard drive with exFAT file system on my Mac machine running with OS X 10.7. Later I upgraded to OS X 10.8. Whenever I plugged the ExFAT drive to my Mac system, an error pops-up saying that “iMac doesn't recognize this drive”. I tried to fix this issue through permissions in Disk Utility, but no use. Few of my vital files are present on the ExFAT drive along with music, movies and photos. I am at loss; I have no clue, what else should I do to access my drive. I am looking for help. Please guide me.”

Exfat for mac and windows

Mount Exfat Mac

It’s damn difficult to bear the brunt of losing your irreplaceable data all of a sudden. But you should never lose hope at any point of time. According to the great saying, you can find solution for every problem in the world! Then why not for unrecognized ExFAT drive? Have a look here.


Why Mac cannot recognize the ExFAT drive?

There might be two causes here.

Exfat For Mac Download


1) Mac might be missing some necessary driver software to read the ExFAT drive, after you upgraded from previous OS X

2) There might be some issue with your ExFAT drive

How to go with further troubleshooting?

1. Check Apple website for availability of any update/driver software for current version of your OS X. If you find any, install them on your machine and try to access the ExFAT drive. If you are unable to open the ExFAT drive even after installing adequate update and driver program, then jump to next method.

2. Plug-in the ExFAT drive into another working Mac Machine and see it is detected. If the drive is recognized, copy your entire data from it. Detach the drive and format it on your host Macintosh (on which your drive was not detected).

In case, your drive fails to show up on any other Mac machines then it seems like the problem lies within the ExFAT drive. It might be corrupted or became unreadable. Still don’t worry. You can bring back the corrupted ExFAT drive to normal state (working mode) by formatting/re-formatting it. Also you need to be concerned about data saved on the unrecognized ExFAT drive. As you can safeguard entire data present on your undetected ExFAT drive, with the help of Yodot Mac Data Recovery application.

Tool to recover undetected ExFAT drive on Mac system:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery can easily backup whole data from your undetected ExFAT drive, without causing any intact either to drive’s internal structure or to files stored on it. The program is well fitted to restore unrecognized Samsung hard drive, Toshiba external disk, Seagate portable drive, ScanDisk media card, HP Pen drive, Kingston USB etc i.e. it supports variety of storage devices as well as various brands; so you can undoubtedly trust the software to achieve guaranteed data restoration on any storage media. The retrieving ability of this utility is unbounded, thus you can recover any files like Office document, Portable Document Format (PDF), Outlook data files, archives, audio, video, images, RAW pictures etc of more than 300 types. Not just from corrupted storage, even inaccessible, dead, crashed, non-booting and un-mountable Mac machines data can also be retrieved by this software, with no difficulty. The smart interface of the program offers you a great data retrieval experience, effortless recovery process and preview of recovered data, so that you can review its recovering capability before you save regained data. The companionable toolkit is well-suited for all latest editions of OS X from Leopard to Sierra.

Steps to restore undetected ExFAT drive on Mac:

  • Get Mac Data Recovery on your Macintosh system
  • Attach undetected ExFAT drive
  • Go for Volumes Recovery selection on main screen
  • Select ExFAT drive and its all shown volumes from list
  • Choose Normal Scan and click on Mark All key
  • All files present on your ExFAT drive will be listed in two views
  • Mark files that you need
  • Save those files on Macintosh hard drive
Download exfat for mac os


  • It’s suggested to keep an untouched backup of entire data prior to start OS upgrade
  • Don’t forget to install necessary updates as well driver software after upgrading your OS