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For using all the EPSON products in the superior position you must have Epson Event Manager Software. This will help you to utilize many important features of Epson scanners and other Epson products. It supports various Epson scanners it scans emails, PDF. And also used for other purposes for Epson products such as scanners. The softwares includes useful features such as the icon of Epson event manager is shown on the windows taskbar compatible with the hardware buttons.

It also has some limitations that it is only designed for the EPSON products. But on the other hand, it is not capable of other scanners. The working process of this software is very simple to use. Which is described below in detail that even a new user can easily use this powerful application. It includes button settings and additional actions can also be added by the edit job settings tab. Furthermore, it also includes network settings for both types of network. Moreover, EPSON Event Manager is best Software for superior functioning of the EPSON products.

Added Key Features In Epson Event Manager Software

System Tray

Some have worries about the involvement of other processing of the system while using an application. But this application is not involved in other processes of your system. And it also minimized itself to the tray of your system. menu of EPSON event manager is not so wide. So you can open the menu by only right-clicking ion the option tray on your system. And can select the option to open the event manager. Or you can hide the notification from the system tray.

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Time To Use

Some scanners include hardware buttons to customize the selection of the output format of files and send as email after scanning file. But there is some error in hardware buttons of scanners that during scanning there is a delay in time and it seems to be an error in it. to solve such errors EPSON event manager is used.

Only For Epson Products


This software designed only for Epson products. And only compatible with the Epson scanners. Because of the specific configuration of the Epson brand products. While other products have a different layout which is not readable for the Epson event manager. but it does not support some Epson products also because of the altered documentation. For instance if the hardware buttons are not working properly then this error can be solved by EPSON event manager.

Working Of This Application

It is very easy to use and you can utilize the features only by a few clicks. The push scan button can adjusted to open the specific program in Epson event manager and scanned easily and faster. The particular scanning can done for specific documents and file formats.

How To Use Epson Event Manager Software

Giving A Program To The Event Manager

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Start Button

First of all, choose the initiating button and select the Epson event manager and introduce the program to it.

Button Settings

You can customize the button settings and the options for the button settings. Meanwhile, its dependent on your scanner type. Such as some products have a bunch of hardware buttons. And some have only one button and for each type of products corresponding tabs shown in the menu. In addition, a customize scanning selection for some models of products.

Action Selection

Next to this, you have to select the action which needed to assigned to the EPSON event manager. such as it can scanned to PC , PDF and Email.

Edit Job Settings

if you need some additional actions than there is an option of a job description and edit job settings. There you can customize and add the additional actions for scanning and save them. After adding the actions you can go back and imply the action.

Network Scan Settings

Network scan must be enabled if you are using any type of network. It may be a wired or wireless network. Which enabled in the button settings and then into network settings. Furthermore, the network scan name can also altered. On the other hand, its necessary that the icon of the manager shown on the tray of the system before scanning. And in last a close tab for closing the software in this way the whole function done by the EPSON event manager to manage the EPSON products.


In short, Epson Event Manager Software Download For Mac And Windows and it make users to easily use and best managing software for the EPSON scanning products. Which make the products to use in superior position.

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