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VisionScape is popular free garden design software for Mac which works online and lets you create any property virtually including gardens and landscapes. A large number of products and design features are available on this program to enable you to quickly design your garden the way you want and using whatever items you want. Landscape design software for Mac has been very popular as one of best professional reference in how to online design of landscape so that fully enchanting in becoming outdoor space. Landscape design software free will be amazing to apply by using software tool with well plans and photos as inspiring references to get the very best ideas. Landscaper’s Companion. This product is one of the most looked for after guide for plant references. Hi, I have been searching for a landscape program for the mac for quite some time and think I have found it - Punch! Home Design is available at the Apple Store web site in the software section. It's pricey ($149.95) but seems to offer everything I'd like, e.g. Photo importing, 3d, full growth etc. Hope that helps!

When you want to have a beautiful garden in your home, it is difficult to do if you don’t design the way the garden will look beforehand. It is the same with other landscapes that you want to create. You need to spend some time to plan and design your landscape before you can make it a reality.

Landscape design software can help you to plan and design your landscape in details, using the modern 3D engine that allows you to design your landscape the way you want it to look.

Realtime Landscaping Plus 2016

This software provides an easy way for you to design your landscape the way you want it to look. It allows you to create a movie and presentation from your design, with more than 10,000 landscape objects. With this landscape design software, you can start your design from a photo, or you can create the whole design from scratch with the realistic 3D design tools.

Punch! Home & Landscape Design Premium v18

This is a landscaping software that includes home and landscape design tools designed to help you to put your home design ideas to life. The software features thousands of design objects, professional layouts, green objects and materials, and interactive help system. It allows you to not just design your landscape, but it also allows you to design your home interior as well.

Punch! Landscape, Deck and Patio Design v18

This landscape design software allows you to create a design for your landscape, deck, and patio easily. You don’t need to have any prior design experience in order to use this software, as it is designed for both beginners and professionals. It features thousands of outdoor objects, drag and drop materials, dynamic search tool, and plant finder.

HGTV Ultimate Home Design

This software allows you to design the interior and exterior side of your home, providing you with the ultimate home design experience. It allows you to use your digital photos as the basis of your design. It features thousands of plants, terrain modeling, garden visualizer, plant care calendar, fences and gates, lighting and irrigation, and deck builder wizard.


SmartDraw allows you to plan and design various types of landscape, including garden, patio, deck, small park, and others. It features various landscape symbols, such as pool, pathways, trees, patio sets, and plants. You can create a new landscape design from the available templates, or you can create your own design from scratch.

Turbo FloorPlan

TurboFloorPlan is a landscaping software for Windows and Mac platforms, which allows you to plan and design a beautiful landscape for your home. You don’t need to know anything about design in order to use this software since it has a simple drag and drop mechanism to allow an easy design creation for you. It offers various features, including 2D/3D design, automatic cost estimator, complete landscape design tools, interior and exterior lighting, and multiple design layouts.

DreamPlan Home Design

DreamPlan allows you to design your home the way you want it to look, with the realistic home model in 3D. The software includes home and floor plan design, landscape and garden design, interior and room design, bathroom design, and kitchen design. It features trees and gardens, outdoor terrains, and additional content download.


VisionScape allows you to design 3D landscape and outdoor living areas around your home. It allows you to design your landscape quickly and easily, with a realistic 3D design. You can download new designs to your software, as well as customize the design that you have downloaded. The software also provides various 3D landscape and outdoor living designs that are done by professionals.

Other Landscape Design Software for Different Platforms

Most landscape design software is available for Windows, with a small number of similar software available for other platforms. You should choose the landscape design software based on the platform that you are using.

Garden Planner

Garden Planner is a simple landscape design tool that you can use via a web browser. In other words, this software is available for all platforms, but you need to be online in order to use it. With this software, you can create a 3D model of your landscape, check out the isometric view of your design, and print your design. The offline version is available for PC.


Plangarden is a web-based landscaping tool designed specifically for vegetable gardeners to create a landscape design for their garden. It features drag-and-drop graphic interface, menu selection with labels, layout tools, gardening activities, and harvest estimator. Plangarden is available to download for PC and Mac versions, but you still need a live internet connection in order to use the software.

Chief Architect Home Designer Suite

This landscape design software allows you to create designs for your home interior and exterior, assemble your design with an extensive library of objects, take a virtual tour, and use a 3D design models. It is available for the modern Windows operating system, as well as Mac OS X. You can archive the entire project to a single ZIP file for convenient storage.


iScape is a landscape design app for iOS devices, which provides virtual design tools to plan and design your garden and landscape. The editor tools provided in the app include lock layer, unlock layer, delete layer, flip horizontal, duplicate, and arrange layer. The texture tools include cutout tool, delete texture, and add texture.

VizTerra – Best Landscape Design Software of 2016

VizTerra is a professional landscaping software that allows you to design your landscape in a better way. This is the landscape design tool used by professional designers who want to design a wide range of landscapes, either for home or business. The Instant 3D feature allows you to design your landscape seamlessly, with interactive tours that allow you to go through your landscape design and see all of the landscapes and hardscapes that you have created.

What is Landscape Design Software?

Landscape design software is a type of software that allows you to plan and design your landscape. This software is useful to be used when you are in need to renovate your home or build a new home. Usually, a landscape design software will include a home interior design feature to allow you to not only design the outdoor area of your home, but also the indoor area.

Many landscaping tools are available for both professionals and beginners, and they provide easy tutorials that will guide you to start designing, even though you don’t have any prior design experience before. You can use this software to design your home interior, garden, patio, and deck.

How to Install Landscape Design Software?

Installing landscape design software is easy. You just need to download the installation file for the software and install it on your computer. But, be aware that most landscape design software will require a high system requirement, so you should make sure that your hardware meets the system requirement of the software before you install it.

Some landscaping tools are available as a web-based application, in which case you don’t need to install anything in order to start using the software. You simply need to visit their website and use the landscape design tools via your web browser.

Designing your dream home and garden is something that is not difficult to do. Many people may spend a lot of money just to hire a designer to design their dream home and garden. But, you really don’t need to do that. By using a good landscape design software, you can start designing your dream home and garden right away, without any prior design experience.

Since most of the software is designed to be easy to use, even beginners that know nothing about design can start using the software and create their own landscape design. This is the first step to making your dream home and garden a reality.

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The concept landscape architecture includes landscape planning, design and creation, as well as the management of resources and buildings. With reference to smaller scale projects the design stage and planning are referred to as landscape design. Accordingly, for owners of private houses the time scales and size of projects are smaller, and the section for such projects is referred to as garden design.

The specific design documentation is created independently from the scale of project, and at this stage the irreplaceable assistant for you is ConceptDraw.

Included in the project documents are:

  • sketches,
  • a general plan,
  • working documentation.

In addition to this, included in the working documentation besides various estimates and pages are also:

  • The marked drawing of a lay-out on which is shown how the building elements will be added to an already existing structure. On this drawing all existing lines of supply such as water and gas pipelines, as well as electricity and telephone lines must be marked out.
  • The planting drawing and development plan. On the planting plan is shown how the planted area will be laid out and how it will fit in with the other elements of the plan. On this landscape development plan the fixed arrangement of specific plants is shown.

Drawings and plans can all be created using ConceptDraw library objects such as trees, bushes, ponds, fountains, plots, fences, garden accessories, furniture, roofs, patios, flowers, grass, plumbing, roads, junctions, entertainment, walls, windows, doors, etc.

By using multilayered pages, all your work can be collected together on one ConceptDraw document. As well as this, by using layers on one drawing it is possible to show the levels of the location dynamically, the plan of the location with lines of supply, and also the plan with and without buildings.

To create a ConceptDraw drawing you first have to open a template from a gallery and then all the libraries needed for your work will open automatically.

After opening a template you can set its parameters, such as unit of measurement, scale and page size. Then simply drag the objects you need from the library to the document page, set the sizes and arrange them how you want.

The convenience of ConceptDraw is that although you can only place available library objects on the page of the document, you can always create an object and add it to your own library for later use.

Objects in ConceptDraw can be connected to each other or to a group. For example, if you show a water pipe in the form of a connection between two final points, when moving these points it will automatically be extended or shortened.

As the plan created using ConceptDraw is not a static document, it can be used not only in the work of landscape architects and engineers, but also by landscape managers who maintain artificial landscapes such as parks and gardens, or natural landscapes like woodlands or nature reserves. The landscape manager or engineer can easily transfer ConceptDraw objects of landscape design directly to a document in order to view the end result, as well as use ConceptDraw smart objects to understand their physical influence on the environment. For example, how the shadow from an object will change depending on the position of the sun, how the finished work will look when viewed from a different angle such as the window of a building, what changes the addition of new objects to an existing landscape will make, or even how much a tree will bend in a strong wind.

It goes without saying that a plan or drawing created using ConceptDraw can be printed or exported to a variety of formats such as:
  • HTML for use on a web page
  • PDF for printing and viewing
  • MS PowerPoint for presentations, and many more.

Pic. 1. Landscape Design Software for Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows

The Landscape & Garden solution for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM includes a wide collection of templates and samples to help you draw any landscape-related diagrams and schemas as quickly as possible.

Pic. 2. Landscape Architecture solution

This solution contains four libraries which are very useful for creating such plans. The Parking and Roads library contains elements for comfortable parking projection: ramps, driveway, intersections, parking lines and parking stalls.

The Site Accessories library contains useful elements with various urban objects: benches, lamp posts, site lights, drains, gates etc. You can add elements from this library to a parking plan or a street plan.

The Trees and Plants library contains various shapes of trees, tree crowns, evergreen shrubs, hedges, grass, etc. The Vehicles 2D library contains vector shapes of cars, trucks, pickups, buses and vans. This library is useful for lane planning, parking plans, etc. You can color them with any shade you like.

It is worth mentioning that all these elements are stretchable, and you can customize them in every way you want.

The following features make ConceptDraw DIAGRAM the best Landscape Design Software:

  1. You don't need to be an artist to draw professional looking diagrams in a few minutes.
  2. Large quantity of ready-to-use vector objects makes your drawing diagrams quick and easy.
  3. Great number of predesigned templates and samples give you the good start for your own diagrams.
  4. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM provides you the possibility to use the grid, rules and guides. You can easily rotate, group, align, arrange the objects, use different fonts and colors to make your diagram exceptionally looking.
  5. All ConceptDraw DIAGRAM documents are vector graphic files and are available for reviewing, modifying, and converting to a variety of formats: image, HTML, PDF file, MS PowerPoint Presentation, Adobe Flash, MS Visio.
  6. Using ConceptDraw STORE you can navigate through ConceptDraw Solution Park, managing downloads and updates. You can access libraries, templates and samples directly from the ConceptDraw STORE.
  7. If you have any questions, our free of charge support is always ready to come to your aid.


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Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of the computer software to create drawings. Today the large quantity of the technical drawings and architectural designs is created using the CAD software. CAD software makes the design process convenient, efficient and productive. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM diagramming and vector drawing software allows you the possibility to draw your architectural designs quick, simple and effective.

Use the libraries with a set of vector objects, templates and samples from the Floor Plans Solution from the Building Plans area of ConceptDraw Solution Park for designing your professional architectural designs.

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