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This page will allow you to download and reinstall Office for the following products: Office 2010; Office for Mac 2011; Note that support for Office 2007 has ended. And Office for Mac 2011 is here to help you do more with your Mac your way. Use familiar applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to help you take your ideas further. And since Office for Mac is compatible with Office for Windows, you can work on documents with virtually anyone on a Mac or PC. Office 2011 requires activation and is tied to your hardware so it might very well be that you need to reactivate Office 2011 after the HD change. The whole activation procedure is described in Office for Mac 2011 Activation and Product key Information (via According to this document, the product key was mailed to you in a mail. Depending on where you bought Office 2011, you can retrieve the product key from Microsoft using the instructions on their website. If this doesn't work for you (ie. You probably don't own a legitimate copy of the program) I'm afraid you're out of luck, I believe the licensing information may be stored in the file which is located in /library/preferences.


I recently had my Macbook Pro repaired and it had to be wiped clean. I'm having trouble re-accessing my copy of Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac, which I purchased online back in 2012. I only have the 20-digit Product ID and they're asking for the 25-digit Product Key, so I can't activate MS Office.

I've contacted Microsoft themselves but they haven't been successful at helping me because there's no Microsoft account attached to my purchase 😟. Does anyone know how I can get the product key using my product ID? Or anything else that can be done to help me out? 😕

Product Key For Ms Office 2011 Mac Free

Office Mac 2011 Product Key Generator



Product key for office for mac 2011 free

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