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The main TeamViewer window. 2.2.1 The Remote Control tab The Remote Control tab is divided into the following areas: Allow Remote Control In this area, you will find your TeamViewer ID and your temporary password. If you share this information with your partner, he. Best Mac remote access apps. TeamViewer allows unlimited use of the full version of its software for non-commercial purposes. Because of the robust features supported, it’s great for a single. Please enter your partner's ID in order to control the remote device.

Remote access software refers to software which allows you to control your computer remotely. So, it’s the best solution in case you left your important files at home and it’s very urgent to get them otherwise your boss going to take you out of the office.

When you are not at home or your family member don’t know how to work with it. In that situation, a remote access software is very useful.

Technology has made such software that help in this situation. You can access your Windows PC or Mac Computers while you are outside either in the office or somewhere else.

To remotely access your computer you have to install a software first on the computer you want to connect known as the host. Another thing you have to do is to install the software on another computer which you will connect to known as the client.


There are many remote accessing Softwares but they can be heavy on your wallet. So, here are the Top 10 Remote Access Software for Mac Computers.

1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is one of the best remote access software. It is free for personal usage. Most of you might be familiar with it. It’s very easy to install TeamViewer and you don’t need to do any changes in the firewall configurations or router settings.

With the help of TeamViewer, you can not only access a remote computer but can also transfer files. This remote access software also supports text chats, voice or video calls. With the feature support wake-on-LAN, you can connect to your computer remotely automatically in safe mode.

There are many features of TeamViewer including sharing the application window with a person on the other hand and you can also print the files remotely.

It is supported by Windows 10, 8, 7, vista, Linux, Chrome and Mac.

2. Ultra VNC

Ultra VNC is among one of the remote access software which is very much popular. Here a server and viewer are installed on two different computers, and the viewer controls the server.

On the Host side, when Ultra VNC is installed on a computer it will ask whether you want this computer to be the Server, Viewer or both of them. You have to install the Server on the one that you want to remotely access. When it’s installed as a system service it always runs in the background. So, it allows you to connect to the client at any time.

The other side is Client side. When you want to establish a connection with the Ultra VNC Server you have to install the Viewer portion this side. When you are done with the router’s port configuration, you can access the Server from anywhere with an internet connection. The only thing you have to know is the IP address to establish the connection.

Ultra VNC offers text chat, boot and connects to the server safely, clipboard sharing, file transfer, etc.

3. Remote PC

Remote PC is a simple-to-use remote access software that allows only one connection. If you want only this then it’s fine for you.

On the Host side, you just have to download and install the software as per the instructions. It is supporting both Windows and Mac computers. Then you have to share the Access ID and Key to make the computer accessible.

Another thing you can do is log into the host computer and add computer so that can be easily accessed later on.

On the Client side, you have two options to remotely access the host computer. First, by installing a RemotePC program on the computer and then enter the Access ID and Key to establish a connection with the host.

Another method is to use client’s perspective RemotePC which is allowed through iOS or Android app. Then you can transfer files from remote Mac computer and can access multiple devices. Please keep in mind that both the host and the client should have the same operating system otherwise they won’t be compatible.

4. Seecreen

Seecreen seems very tiny but don’t you undermine its power. It’s very effective in remotely accessing your computer whenever it is demanded at an instant.

On the Host side, open it on the computer that is to be controlled. Then create your account and log in, another user can be added by email id or username. Add the client to the Unattended list and they can remotely access your computer. It’s your choice to add the contact list but you can share the ID and password for further instant access.

On the Client side, to connect with the host you have to enter the host ID and password. Finally when the connection is completed then you can easily transfer data, share screen, perform voice call and you can also record the current session. The software must be started at the client side to can share the screen.

5. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is just an extended version of the very famous Google Chrome web browser which enables you to remotely access the computer from some other Chrome browser.

On the Host side, first, you have to install this extension for Google Chrome. Then for the authentication purpose, you have to create a PIN to remotely access the computer. Make sure that you have logged into your Google account to do this.

On the Client side, sign in to another Google Chrome browser. The PIN and extension would be same. After logging in you can see the remote computer and access it. Simple copy paste is used in this for sharing with no more deep enhanced setting.

6. AnyDesk

AnyDesk is a very simple to operate remote access software that you can install and run easily.

On the Host side, launch AnyDesk on the computer you wish to connect to then you have to save the AnyDesk-Address that you can also set manually. At the connection establishment stage with the client, the host is asked their choice. You can select from allowing or not be allowing, clipboard usage, sound control, block the host.

On the client side, you have to run the AnyDesk with the AnyDesk-Address of the host in Remote Desk option. If you have set the access to unattended then the client can connect without the acceptance from the host every time the connection is established. Along with the transfer of data, can take screenshots of the remote computer, sync the clipboard, balance the speed of established connection and the quality, use the shortcuts of the keyboard, and finally you can enter into full-screen mode.


The producer of LogMeln has introduced remote access software to access another computer using an internet browser.

On the Host side, you can download and run to remotely access your device. When you choose start button, a selection application or the entire computer can be remotely viewed.

On the Client side, within the Join section, install You just need the personal code of this tool. It offers conference calling option, multiple monitors, full-screen mode, and up to 10 people can connect to view a screen at a time.

8. Beam Your Screen

Beam Your Screen is another portable and freely available remote access software for your computer. Here an ID number is used by the viewer to remotely access the Mac computer.

On the Host side, it is known as the organizer. So, on the host computer, it uses Beam Your Screen for Organizers when connected to the other end. Nothing else is required to install except this and you can start sharing information.

On the Client side, the version is known as the Beam Your Screen for Participants. It is very simple and fast to execute the files. To join the host, under the Session ID enter the host’s session number to start a connection. Then you are ready to start sharing the screen, clipboard text, and text files and other stuff.

Another interesting thing about this tool is that you can see the online host without installing the software and multiple users can share the ID to join in common.

9. Splashtop

Splashtop is freely available for personal usage. You can remotly access up to five computers with its free version.

Its feature of streaming videos and audio let you access them remotely on your tablet or Mac computers from the desktop. So, it’s a better option for you guys to remotely access your computer. It’s free for a week and then it costs 2$ per month that provides sufficient ability to access the computer remotely. For the connection establishment, it doesn’t require many efforts.

Teamviewer Remote Desktop Control

On the Host side, just install the software and create the required login credentials.

On the Client side, install the same version of the software and then enter the required credentials. That’s all you have to do.

10. LogMeln

LogMeln is handy to use by the users and efficient way to connect with others through the remote access software.

Teamviewer For Remote Control Mac Download

You just have to download the client software and then create your account. When you want to log in through the browser or the web page you just sign in and enter the host ID and start connection.

LogMeln enables you to access the active processes, hard drive information, transfer data from the host to remote client. It also allows you to have video calling with the host side.

Use this utility for a one-click install that will allow us to remote access your computer. This process takes only 10 seconds and one click, then we’ll be ready to fix your issue, configure a piece of software or anything else you might need

  1. PC users —> click on this link automaticlly download Windows installer
    run it – it will quickly start to install then vanish and “silently” install OR pop up one or two permissions (just hit yes). When there is no activity you are done
    just notify us and we’re ready to support you
  1. MAC users —> click on this link to automatically download the MAC installer –
    run it – it will quickly start to install then vanish and “silently” install OR pop up one or two permissions (just hit yes). When there is no activity you are done
    just notify us and we’re ready to support you

How To Setup Your MoonRivers/Teamviewer Remote Control Access Software

Need to change your existing teamviewer password?

Watch 20 second video tutorial here
Or follow along using these instructions:

  • For a PC: in your system tray RIGHT click on the blue teamviewer icon, go to options, security and change your password.
  • For a MAC: click on the blue teamviewer icon, top right of screen near clock, go to preferences and security and change your password.

TeamViewer Remote Control – PC

For existing clients – install this ONCE and we can access whenever you need us

    1. When finished, a 9 digit number will pop-up, save this number.
    2. If the auto-install has completed, you are done with the install! If you are prompted for further any steps/actions use the below information:
      1. Click NEXT
      2. Select BOTH
      3. Accept the license Agreement
  • Need guided help? View screenshots of this process along with instructions
  • When you are asked to set your password, please chose a complex and secure password (at least one capital letter and one number), save this password.
  • If you need to change your password, right click on Teamviewer in system tray near clock > options > security
  • Confirm, YES, or OK all other options
  • Hit NEXT and finish
  • Send the 9 digit Code and your chosen password to: [email protected]

Important: We need your 9 digit code and password in order to access your system and help you.

This installs a one-time session for us to login to your computer. You will need to run it each time we need to access your system.

  1. Click HERE and run the program
  2. Send your 9 digit number and password (if it shows one) to: [email protected]

TeamViewer Remote Control – Mac

      1. Click HERE and run the program
      2. Go to your computer’s system preferences > security and privacy > and under “Allow apps downloaded from:” select the third option “Anywhere” (see screenshot below).
  • Important: When you are asked to set your password, please choose a complex and secure password (at least one capital letter and one number), save this password.
  • Send your 9 digit number, TV password AND your Mac login and password to: [email protected]

Important: We need your 9 digit code and passwords in order to access your system and help you.

Setup TeamViewer Mobile Remote Control – Android

        1. Install the TeamViewer Quick Support app HERE or search for TeamViewer Quick Support in the play store (see below).
        2. Once you install, you’ll be prompted to download another remote control app. Download and Install that as well.
        3. It will give you a 9 digit code, save it and send it to [email protected]
        4. When we initiate the connection it will prompt you to OK it on your phone, so keep an eye on your phone.
        1. Install the TeamViewer QuickSupport app HEREor search for TeamViewer Quick Support in the itunes app store.
        2. install the app then when prompted to download additional content/apps select yes/download/install/OK
        3. It will give you a 9 digit code, save it and send it to [email protected]
        4. When we initiate the connection it will prompt you to OK it on your phone, so keep an eye on your phone.

Teamviewer Remote App Install – Still having trouble with the instructions above? CLICK HERE to connect another way